On Site Rentals

Come see us!

We will fit you with a paddleboard, paddle, & PFD. All rentals come with a mini-lesson on land before you head out on your own!  The quiet, protected coves in the area are perfect for paddling.  We have a sandy beach and picnic area at which to relax afterward.

2 hrs

$20.00  -  CASH

$25   -  CARD on site

$27.50  -  online reservation

(Two hours is always enough time!)

Weekly Activities

Thursday: Ladies Night

(Women pay just $15)


(Reservations Required)

Saturday and Sunday: Regular Rentals

SouthShore Marina, Leesville


$25.00 ($20 cash) for a two-our rental


We have parking and restrooms.


 We are at SouthShore Marina, 

3072 Highway 378, Leesville, SC 29070 

Drop Off Rentals

We will drop off 2 paddleboards, adjustable paddles, and waistbelt PFDs to your lake side location.

(No personal tranport of boards allowed.)


Two paddleboards: $75/day.

 An additional board is $40 extra per day. 

Four boards is $150 per day.

Two paddleboards for an

entire week is $225.

Boards are usually dropped off in the morning and picked up the next day.


Subject to availability

Contact for reservations


Paddlecamp 2021

     We are pleased to announce our 11th year of conducting

standup padddleboard camps on Lake Murray for kids 8 - 14 years.  Each year, we have a BLAST paddling as a group on the lake!  If you would like to reserve a spot in one of the camps, call or text Moondoggie at (803) 608-5033. 


June 28 - July 1  @ the Dam

July  5  - July  8  @ Loretta's Place  (full)


July 12 - July 15   @ the Dam 

July 19 - July 22   @ the Dam

July 26 - July 29   @ SouthShore Marina


     Each camp runs from 9 am - noon, Monday - Thursday.  Parents drop off and pick up.  The camp cost is $140 (cash or check, a $10 fee if by credit card), paid on the first day of camp.  All equipment is provided.  The only thing the kids need is sunscreen and water.  Each camp is staffed by experienced paddlers at a ratio of approixmately 4 - 1.  The past 2 years, all camps have completely filled.  Don't wait!



  Tahe Outdoor Paddleboards

We began using these paddleboards in our rental lineup last year.  They quickly won us over as being some of the best beginner boards on the market.  Why?  There main asset is their durability.  Each of the three models they produce starts with a foam core sealed with a sheet of polyvinyl plastic on the outside.  These things are bombproof!  The ones from last year still look new.  We didn't have a single problem with them, not one.  This company has producing surfboards using this technique for over 40 years.  They are unique in that they are produced in France by the same company that produces Bic pens and lighters.  Come try one out prior to purchase! 


Length:       11'        /     10'6"       /       11'6"

Width:        34"      /      31.5"       /       31.5"

Thick:        5.25"    /      4.50"      /      4.75"

Volume:    260L    /      185L       /      210L

Max lb.     250 lbs./     150 lbs.   /    200 lbs.

Weight:     39 lbs. /      32 lbs.    /      35 lbs.

Tahe 1


11' Cross:                         $800

10'6" Performer:            $700

11'6"  Performer:            $700

Tahe Paddle:                   $  75

Waistbelt PFD:              $100

Leash:                              $  25

All items are in stock and can be tried out prior to purchase.  Free delivery to home included.  Try getting this kind of service at a big box sporting good store, or by mail order!


A Note on Inflatable SUPs:

We are not fans of inflatable paddleboards. We don't sell them and never will.  In spite of the astounding popularity of these boards, we feel they are unstable and vulnerable to damage.  If you get one, be aware.  You get what you pay for! 

Optional Equipment:



We sell the paddle that is paired with Tahe ($75).  It is an adjustable paddle that has an aluminum shaft and plastic blade.  It is a serviceable paddle and fine for entry level paddling.  However, we also sell a variety of high end carbon fiber adjustable and fixed handle (cut and glued to your specifications) paddles, starting at $150.  Ask to see the other options.



We have used the MTI "Fluid" Co2-style cartridge (fanny pack) waist belt since our inception. DNR requires the use of a Coast Guard approved PFD. These are so comfortable, it is easy to forget that you are wearing one. Don't get caught by DNR without a PFD - the fine is $110. With these waistbelt PFDs, you will develop a habit of simply never being on the lake without it.                       $100



If only one safety device were required, it should definitely be the use of a leash.  This is attached at the ankle to the board.  If one were to fall, the paddleboard would always stay nearby.  The board itself is the best PFD.                          $25          

Call Steve to arrange your board purchase or to try one out!
(803) 608-5033


SUP Yoga

Classes are hosted by various

local yoga studios and teachers.

Details, pricing, and signup information can be

found on each studio's website by clicking

on the class you're interested in below. 


Sunday, Aug 5th:

Tuesday, Aug 14th:

Sunday, Aug 26th:

Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus

City Yoga




Sign Up Links:


3072 Hwy. 378, Leesville, SC 29070

THURS.  6:00 PM – 8:00 PM   
SAT. – SUN.      10:00 PM – 6:00 PM

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