On Site Rentals

Come see us!

We will fit you with a paddleboard, paddle, & PFD. All rentals come with a mini-lesson on land before you head out on your own! 

2 hrs

$25 Standard SUP

$30 Upgraded SUP

$40 Mega SUP

Weekly Locations

Thursday: South Shore Ladies Night

Ladies paddle 1/2 price


Saturday and Sunday: South Shore


Drop Off Rentals

We will drop off 2 plastic paddleboards to your location for only $60/day. 

Boards are usually dropped off in the morning and picked up the next day.


Subject to availability

Contact for reservations



Pop Paddleboards - The Amigo

We carry all three of the Amigo, by Pop Paddleboards.  We began using the 10'6" Amigo three years ago in our summer camps. They have held up beautifully!  But, Pop has done the Amigo in a line of three boards now. We didn't think it could get any better!  The 10'6" is for paddlers up to 150 lbs.  The 11'6" is for paddlers up to 200 lbs.  The 11'6" Turbo Amigo is a displacement style touring hull for the paddler who wants a bit more performance.  All three boards are coated with a sheet of high impact PVC that protects the board from most dings.  Colors are as shown in the photograph.  


Length:      10'6"   &    11'6"   &      11'6"

Width:       32"              33"             31.5"

Thick:        4.75"          4.75"          4.75"

Volume:    216 liters

Weight:     27 lbs.

Amigo 4
Board 2
Amigo 2
Amigo 3
Amigo Logo


Board:   $850  (all models same price)

Paddle:  $150

PFD:       $100

Package Price:  $1,100

Optional Items: 

Leash:  $25   

Tie Down Straps  -  $20  


Full carbon fiber, by Vamo

This is a full carbon (blade and shaft) paddle that weighs 18 oz. It's a $220 paddle that we sell for $150. If you are trying to cut costs getting into paddle boarding, the paddle is NOT the place to do it! These are incredible paddles at an amazing price.

Available in adjustable or fixed handle (cut and glued to your specifications)



We have used the MTI "Fluid" Co2-style cartridge (fanny pack) waist belt since our inception. DNR requires the use of a Coast Guard approved PFD. These are so comfortable, it is easy to forget that you are wearing one. Don't get caught without a PFD - the fine is $110. With these waistbelt PFDs, you will develop a habit of simply never being on the lake without it.



If only one safety device were required, it should definitely be the use of a leash.  If one were to fall, the paddleboard would always stay nearby.  The board itself is the best PFD.  

Call Steve to arrange your board purchase or to try one out!
(803) 608-5033


SUP Yoga

Classes are hosted by various

local yoga studios and teachers.

Details, pricing, and signup information can be

found on each studio's website by clicking

on the class you're interested in below. 


Sunday, Aug 5th:

Tuesday, Aug 14th:

Sunday, Aug 26th:

Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus

City Yoga




Sign Up Links:


3072 Hwy. 378, Leesville, SC 29070

THURS.  6:00 PM – 8:00 PM   
SAT. – SUN.      10:00 PM – 6:00 PM

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